Leslie Speicher Glass

Installations and Sculptures

I have been working with glass for 29 years. I've blown, cast, lampworked and fused glass. I started out in ceramics then took a glass class in college as a sophomore and realized I found my passion. I have worked with other materials as well including steel, neon, wood and mixed media like foam and video but glass has always been my main focus. The fluidity, resilience and transformative properties of the material are what draw me in over and over again. My current work is created with the versatile technique of fusing. I also use enamels to paint and screenprint on multiple layers in order to create imagery, depth and movement between the sheets of glass. I want each layer and the blending of them to create stories and a visual history of how the glass moves while hot. Maps, boundaries and peripheries are the subjects of my new body of work.

L. Speicher Plexus and Details.jpeg
L. Speicher Vacancy Installation and Detail.jpeg
L. Speicher Giusti.jpeg